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Historic landscapes

Judicial Review / Public Inquiry  

AHC is part of a team working alongside a private owner to protect a sensitive registered landscape and associated listed buildings. This appeal seeks to protect the site from an inappropriate, intense, agriculture proposal in rural Wales.




Buildings at Risk survey

Working for a local authority in the south of England, AHC was commissioned to carry out a review of the Buildings at Risk Register. The aim was to identify additional buildings at risk and note the change in condition of existing BARs.


Garden design based on historical research at a private house

This country house in the Forest of Dean is sixteenth-century in origin, and its owners were keen to develop an appropriate garden which could provide a suitable setting for the listed building. Working with the owners and the Local Authority we produced a garden design incorporating an historically-inspired layout with structural planting enlivened by modern features.

Montacute, Somerset

AHC was approached by the National Trust to carry out an architectural andhistorical appraisal of the orangery at Montacute House, Somerset, within the context of the North Garden and the wider landscape. The existing roof had failed and historic information, such as the date of origin of the building and the original configuration of the roof, was rerquired.  Following archival research, AHC provided a comprehensive history of the building that informed an application for listed building consent to repair the roof.

Historic park

We have recently been engaged by two simultaneous clients: a country house owner and a parks trust who jointly own a significant seventeenth- and eighteenth-century historic landscape. Through our research we have advised on much-needed improvements and conservation to this interesting park. We have also advised on the means by which to reinforce the very necessary public / private separation within the grounds whilst being able to maintain the integrity of the landscape as a whole.

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